Get an Efficient Business Environment with Optimal Security

Banking and financial transactions are always in motion. Meanwhile, financial establishments, such as banks, are constantly subject to criminal activities. In addition, meeting customers’ expectations and having efficient work management are top priorities. That is why Vaiotik Banking & Finance Solution relies on cutting edge technologies that guarantee: secure banking transactions, enhanced work management, customer satisfaction and smooth workflow.

Highest quality images:  with a 4k resolution, a high quality, detailed image is guaranteed.

Smart Transaction Record: all information related to all transactions is recorded along with clear images of the customers’ faces in order to provide compelling evidence whenever cases of customer’s disputes or misunderstandings arise.

Queue Management: queues are effectively and constantly measured and analyzed for efficient management decisions.

Newly devised technological tools and equipment to provide your banking and financial institutions with utmost security. For example, 4K UHD cameras with the ‘face recognition’ feature easily detect any suspicious or risky objects while generating a crystal-clear image of the objects, and hence stops any serious problem before it occurs. In addition, the overlay of the transaction on the video footage helps to prevent any potential disputes with the customers, which, in turn, provide customers with an enhanced experience. Furthermore, people counting, VIP recognition, online and remote authorization, etc. are all features that connect security with the main business operations and lead to efficiency in business and management. As for the safety of data, which is a big matter in banking and financial transactions, all data are backed up and secured constantly and efficiently in server.

Solution Features

High Definition: exceptional image quality by the use of 4K UHD

High Cost- Efficiency: by the use of products which help achieve numerous functions and the use of cables, which can be installed easily, more than once.

VIP Service: VIP customers are served better due to the use of the ‘face recognition’ feature.

Flow Statics: Management is able to make better decisions based on the output flow traffic statistics in premises by period.

Integration and Compatibility: the system is integrated from beginning to end providing complete functionality and is fully compatible with a third-party system.


Smart Transaction Record:

All information pertaining to the transaction is recorded in addition to a clear facial image of the people involved in the transaction. This gives solid proof in case of any disputes or misunderstandings from the customer’s part.

Queue Management:

In order to provide customers with a satisfactory experience and to reduce wait times, queues are being managed effectively: they are measured and analyzed constantly.

Effectively Transforming Retail while Enhancing Security

The sector of retail has seen a tremendous transformation as a consequence of the extensive use of computers in our life and the tendency to digitalize everything. In response, not only does the Smart Retail Solution provide retail shops with security and loss prevention, but it also enhances all business operations by the wide use of video-assisted business intelligence and analytics.

Vaiotik Retail Solution utilizes the most recent technological tools that provide:

Security and Loss Prevention: achieve a shopping environment that is totally safe and secure by preventing all sorts of retail security related issues such as shoplifting, employee theft and cashier fraud.

Business Intelligence: optimize store operation at reduced costs, and increase profits by harnessing the relationship between customer traffic and transaction data.

Guest Satisfaction is of Utmost Importance!

Making sure that residential facilities are fully secure, comfortable and are run by an efficient management body can be challenging. That is why Vaiotik provides the following:

  • All sorts of equipment and gadgets necessary for securing your facility
  • The technology-driven process of business intelligence
  • The most advanced technologies required for efficient management
  • Unified VMS for a wide variety of products

Residential & Commercial Properties

Residential and commercial facilities have expanded immensely as a result of the rapid urbanization and increase in population. Providing safety and security to those facilities is demanding.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

The transportation solutions provided by Vaiotik include delivering high-quality life and recorded images. By implementing most recent technologies such as ANPR and Face Recognition, enhanced traffic and operational efficiency are realized.   Besides, the use of both Panoramic and thermal cameras enables efficient traffic monitoring.

The vast experience of Vaiotik in the business has resulted in the following valuable products and services for the customers:

  • The most up-to-date 4k, panoramic and thermal technology necessary for a safe and secure environment.
  • Face Recognition, ANPR and Intelligent Analytics to enhance overall operational efficiency.

Mobile Vehicles

Enhancing the security of mobile vehicles is essential especially when those vehicles are the most common and popular commuting option in many cities.


All parking owners aspire to provide the ever-increasing car owners with better and enhanced parking experiences.


Governments worldwide along with airport management authorities spare no effort in ensuring the security of airports against any potential dangers, such as terrorist acts.

Deliveries are possible with less labor

The exponential growth of online businesses such as Amazon, Alibaba, etc., which resulted from the current development in the area of logistics, has made the efficient delivery of goods and packages at low cost to the buyers and consumers a big challenge. With machine vision, provided by Vaiotik to logistic companies, deliveries are possible with less labour, more efficiency and more importantly, no possibility of any of the mistakes that could happen if handled by a human.

Be Fully Prepared for Any Possible Risk or Threat

Security managers in any facility need to be fully ready and prepared for any possible future risk that could threaten the infrastructure of the facility. Those risks include, but not limited to, internal and external theft, natural disasters, any attacks, etc.

Vaiotik offers a professional energy solution providing a wide variety of technological tools, including 4K cameras as well as thermal cameras, in order to fully secure your facilities. Surveillance, access control, off-grid power instruments and supplies are also provided. Additionally, locating and preventing all sorts of equipment failures are made possible by means of the thermal inspection provided by Vaiotik.

Oil & Gas

Due to the increasing number of all types of vehicles on city roads, oil and gas have become essential commodities in our lives.


Electricity is perhaps the most important innovation made by humans. Survival without electricity is definitely unimaginable. An hour-long power cut can result in serious damages to many industries and can affect a lot of aspects in our lives. Therefore, substations are a vital component of the electricity infrastructure.